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Get to know your REVÄ better

Get to Know Your REVÄ Better

We create a new microspace that fits for you, with premium build materials, variety of colors, perfect size for different activities and the best of all…

We install it for you in just one day!

We install it for you in just one day!

REVÄ In Action

REVÄ In Action

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Choose Your Own REVÄ


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Frequently Asked Questions

The published price includes your complete Revä. Walls, ceiling and floating floor, electrical installation with grounding, 3-leaf sliding window with laminated glass, exterior color of your choice. The price includes on-site installation.

It does not include furniture or equipment. Many of our images are inspirations generated by our architecture team, but each user can customize it as they wish. It does not include shipping to the installation site.

Enter here where you can select the color, floor for your REVÄ.
Within 48 hours we will contact you to let you know where you are going to install your REVÄ and if we should consider any special requirements.
We set the installation date and send you the payment coupon.
Once the payment is confirmed and the installation date is active, you just have to wait and enjoy it.

The dimensions of REVA 3 are 3.5×3.5m and an interior height of 2.50m.
It has a system of legs that elevates and separates it from the floor and allows us to level minimal imperfections of the site. In total it will have a maximum height of 2.70m.

The Revä is designed with these standard dimensions. All our production is optimized with these dimensions to bring you the best product, at the best value in an incredibly short time.

Steel panels with high performance thermal insulation are used. The floor base is made of reinforced steel. The Revä Window is made of high performance aluminum with laminated safety glass.

Yes! it can be installed on a terrace. However, we recommend that you consult with a certified professional if your terrace is able to receive it. If you have any questions about the weight, please contact us at hello@revaspaces.com and we will send you detailed information.

Yes, of course, but depending on the surface it requires a stone base that you can add as REVÄ Sub-Floor or place it on your own.

It is not necessary to make a base, the only thing we require is that the ground is level and firm. Obviously, having a base is a reassurance, but for the dimensions of each Revä support it will work well. In addition, in vegetable soils you can choose the Revä SubFloor as an option, which is a split stone bed that goes underneath the Revä.

At the moment the Revä is a space that does not contemplate these facilities. You can do it yourself without any problem.

At the moment it isn’t an available service.

Yes, a split air conditioner can be installed. There is a special socket dedicated for air conditioners. We recommend placing the outdoor unit on the floor or very close to it.

Yes, the panel is composed of a steel sheet that is pre-painted and most paints can be applied on it. In addition, plastic coatings commonly found in paint shops can be applied.

If your question is not here you can contact us by email at hello@revaspaces.com or in any of our social networks. We will be more than happy to help you!

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