Revä, your place in only one day.

Reva is a fantastic solution for creating a new space in your home in a single day.

All included and ready to use

Ultra-insulating materials

Installation in under 24 hours


All terminations and profiles are made of stainless steel.

High performance floor

Our Reva includes a Vinyl floor with three colors to choose from.

3 PANELS sliding doors

Our 3-panel sliding door with premium quality laminated glass completes the identity of each Reva, providing quality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Ultra insulating material

The 5 faces that make up the REVÄ are made of metal plates filled with rigid polyurethane to provide greater comfort and thermal insulation.

“I am the result of design, architecture, and engineering. Don’t tell me you’re not into me”

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your microspace with customizable color and floor.
Installation free of charge.

$ 15920
  • 11’6” x 11’6”
  • 3 Panel sliding door
    (Impact upon request)
  • Installation included
  • Regular Price: $19.900 (Tax no included)

* Doesn’t include freight.

Revä 3

* Taxes not included


If you can't find your answer... write us at hello@revaspaces.com
They are micro spaces designed with high construction standards, in which you customize the exterior color, choose the equipment and wait for it at home. Our service includes installation, which is done in only 1 (one) day. Yes, one day. A new space with infinite uses, we do in one day.
The published price includes your complete Revä. Walls, ceiling, vinyl floor, sliding door with laminated glass, exterior color of your choice. The cost of on-site installation is included. 
Furniture nor equipment are included. Many of our images are inspirations that our architecture team generates, but each user can customize them as they wish. It does not include shipping to the place of installation.
With the Reva Customization process, you will pick your model (in some countries, Reva 2, Reva 3, and Reva 4 options are available) and select flooring color and exterior color.
After receiving your selection, you will receive the upfront invoice or use the online platform to fulfill your payment.
Once your payment confirmation is received, you will lock your installation date (6-12 weeks). 


The measurements of the REVA3 are 138"x 138". The Interior height will be 96". The roof slope is about 1%.
The final height is 107".

Any Reva is designed with these standard dimensions. All our production is optimized with these measures to bring you the best product, at the best value in an incredibly short time.

Steel panels with high-performance thermal insulation are used. The base of the floor is made of reinforced steel. The Reva Window is made of high-performance aluminum with laminated safety glass.
Yes! They can be installed on a terrace. However, we recommend that you consult an approved professional if your terrace is in a position to receive it. To make inquiries about the weight, write to us at hello@revaspaces.com and we will send you detailed information.
Sure! However, depending on the surface, it requires a concrete slab or any structure to transfer weight to the ground. We suggest you contact a local Contractor or contact us for further information.
It is not necessary to make a base, the only thing we require is that the ground is level and firm. Obviously, having a base is a reassurance, but due to the dimensions of each Revä support it will work well. In addition, on vegetable land you can choose the Revä Sub-Floor as an option, which is a broken stone bed that goes under the Revä.
At the moment the Revä is a space that does not include these facilities. You can still do it yourself without any problem.
Furniture is not included but we can help you customize it.
Yes, an AC mini split can be installed. We recommend placing the outdoor unit on or very close to the ground. Contact an authorized electrician to install it.
The panel comprises a pre-painted steel sheet; most paints can be applied. In addition, coatings that are commonly found in paint stores can be used.
You can contact us by email at hello@revaspaces.com or on our social networks if your question is not here. We will be more than glad to help you!